As coordinating school, the Progymnasium Altshausen offers expertise in orientation to career and university studies.
In addition to media competence and the focus challenge and promote, orientation to career has been one of the focal points of our school since 2006. Modules of orientation to career and university studies are well-anchored in the individual subjects in the curriculum of the school.

Ms. Carmen Widman is the responsible person for career orientation and she has obtained specific qualifications and a certificate covering orientation to career and university studies (BEST). The BEST program was developed in close collaboration with study and career advisors of different high schools and job agencies of the state of Baden-Württemberg and by experienced teachers. The program is organized by a service center (SIOB) at the Ministry for Economics, Research and Culture. Ms. Widmann is the contact person within the Erasmus team of the school. She largely developed and established the BSO-concept at the Progymnasium Altshausen.

The concept of the school is based on five pillars: BoGy lessons (compulsory education once a week for all pupils of class 9), with modules in the subjects German, foreign languages, geography – economy and social studies (GWG), including regular projects (student company in class 8, week of orientation to career for classes 8–10, social projects, meetings, cooperation with education partners...), after-school or extra-curricular activities (visit to a vocational information center, vocational fairs, company visits ...) and voluntary own initiative of the pupils (i.e. Girls´ Day and Boys´ Day activities, traineeships during the holidays …). In July 2012 the Progymnasium Altshausen was awarded with the so-called career choice seal of approval (BORIS) of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Baden Württemberg. We pursue to get this seal of approval again in 2015. We are one of the first grammar schools in the region that concluded in 2010 an education partnership with companies (i.e. Volksbank Altshausen, AOK Bodensee-Oberschwaben and Stadler Anlagenbau). The manifold partners of the school and the existent contacts are introduced in the Erasmus project.


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All about the concept can be found online on the individual job orientation platform of our school – BOGY-Plattform.
The access is restricted to project participants. Below you find a screenshot of the platform. A demo version of the platform without contents can be found on this website.