Form 10, Progymnasium Altshausen

English abstract

My name is Vanessa Fischer and I am 15 years old. From the 19th April to the 24th April 2015, I was  in Cento, Italy during our Erasmus+ project “Fit-for-Job”. This project was funded by the European Union.

I didn't know a lot about orientation to career before, only the things we  learned at school. Later in my life, I can imagine to work as a police officer. Another possibility would be to become a teacher of the subjects Sports and French. My strengths are languages. I can speak, write and understand English and French quite well. In my opinion, the two jobs are good for me because both of them are based on working with people, and I am really good at dealing with people. At school, you often get some advice about what jobs could be good for you, and so did I  - especially in our  BoGy lessons and in the placements I have done. The placements were very useful and I am thinking about doing more placements during holidays. I have already done a “Mentorenausbildung” in theater and so I can help our theater teacher with the drama lessons at PG.

In our exchange week we visited many companies and we were showed how to work there. I personally think, that seeing those different jobs in Italy could be very useful for your work experience.  We saw many special Italian things like traditional food (“Parmiggiano Reggiano”) or cultural sights. I only knew something about the jobs like police officer or teacher, but I didn't know anything about a tourist guide or a cheesemaker's job. I have noticed that the Italian work experience is very different to ours. This week improved my speaking and listening skills in English. We had to speak English all the time, so that the others could understand us. Now I believe my English is better than before.

To sum up my report, I would like to say something about my own impression. I enjoyed this week very much because I love visiting foreign countries. This project is very good for young students and I am very happy that our school could take part in it. It is a good way to spend the money of the EU and it gives us the chance to expand our own horizon. I still have contact with a few students who have participated in this project. In my opinion, it was a really amazing time and if there was such a project for other students , I would really recommend them to take part.


Complete report in German by Vanessa Fischer (PDF, 395 KB)