Latvian students reporting on their second exchange week at Altshausen

Madara Geka

English Summary:
In this report I explain how was going in Germany from the 11th to the 17th October during exchange programm „Fit for job: orientation to career and University studies at secondary schools“. And about my experience, ambition in future and about my dream work.
Complete report in Latvian by Madara Geka (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Edīte Ozoliņa

Complete report in Latvian by Edīte Ozoliņa (PDF, 2.3 MB)

Edijs Šomka

English Summary:
Interesting experience during one week in Germany. A lot of hours spent planning career. During one week I chose what I want to do in future. During one week I developed my speaking in English and I could easily talk with strangers without fear. Excursions around other cities were interesting because the tour guide was talking about the city very interesting.

Project was very interesting and the schedule during the week was good but the free time was too much. I enjoyed this opportunity to go to Germany because I met new people, new culture and new country. Thanks to the fact I chose what to do in future I already planned my study course and possible universities where to study and where I could work. In one career lesson I learned what skills and abilities I need to develop to be better at the things I do. I learned alot in this project. Living in host family I learned alot about german traditions and their lifestyle. Each day I learned new things that helped me to develop. It is very nice that we had the opportunity yo travel around little area of Germany and see beautiful views.
Complete report in Latvian by Edijs Šomka (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Elizabete Šukste

English Summary:
About the opportunity to take part in this exchange week I found out completely by accident. I knew that if I participate in an exchange week, I could learn more than in any school lesson, but only after I came back I
realised that it was so much more. I created new friendships, learned much more about languages but the most importantly - I learnt about job offers aboard. In a period of one week I visited different places, met different people and heard different stories. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that you can change the sight of life by travelling. It’s really interesting how much I absorbed from such a small city like Altshausen and
such a connected region. The place I didn’t know existed know is a place i’d like to visit once again. I’d definitely recommend every one to take part in this programme because in my view it’s a great opportunity to learn things you couldn’t learn anywhere else. To understand how it feels to work daily and to provide yourself as a better person, also to understand what you like and which direction should you choose personally. Another thing which I really enjoyed was the chance to live in a different family for a whole
week. To feel like you’ve been living in that family for whole life to accept their way of thinking,their traditions ,culture. Every day was a new adventure and a journey to create more stable future.
Complete report in Latvian by Elizabete Šukste (PDF, 7.6 MB)

Pēteris Stepiņš

English Summary:
During the project I learned a lot about how different cultures can be. Some things seemed weird and unusual, but some were similar to the culture in Latvia. One thing I found weird was the food. I always thought that Latvian cuisine was similar to German cuisine, but I was wrong. The German traditional meals were tasty but seemed really different from food
that I’m used to eating. Another thing I found unusual was the fact that people were greeting random people in shops, etc.
Unfortunately some of the activities were in German so I couldn’t understand what was going on, that was the main problem in the project in Germany, unlike the week in Latvia where all of the activities were held in English.
The project was beneficial to me because I improved my social and English skills during the week in Latvia and Germany. Also, I made some new friends from Germany and Italy. After the project I did not change my mind what proffesion I’d like to choose in the future.
Complete report in Latvian by Pēteris Stepiņš (PDF, 217 KB)