Latvian students reporting on their second exchange week at Altshausen


Valērija Trabo

English Summary:
In this report I explain how was going in Germany from the 11th to the 17th October during exchange programm „Fit for job: orientation to career and Everything about exchange week was great. We visited different cities, saw beautiful landscapes, learned new things, made new friends and met a great family, which is waiting for my visit in the summer. We tasted new foods, lived in a foreign culture, saw different types of jobs. It was so amazing that’s why it was hard to leave Italy. I have only positive and warm emotions. The project helped me to make decisions about my profession, as I saw different types of interesting and creative professions and took part in various workshops. This week taught me a lot; it was totally one of the best weeks of this year. I’m glad that I had a chance to participate in this project.
Complete report in Latvian by Valērija Trabo (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Amanda Ļoļāne

English Summary:
During this week in Italy, I have obtained new knowledge and strengthened my skills. Firstly I can surely say that, my English skills have really improved and after few days I did not even need to think before saying something. I can definitely say that Italy has a huge historical inheritance, such as buildings, art works and artists, writers and noticeable, smart people. Speaking of culture I have been inside of it for 1 week but already learned so many goods and learnt so much about it. I have tasted variety of Italian cuisine. I have learned eating manners and how important meals are for Italians. My host family showed me, how precious family, family traditions and time together is. 
Even now, after this project I am not sure about my future profession. This exchange thought me a lot of simple things that are easily understandable for others but were new for me. Communication, braveness and openness after this project have taken really important space in my priority list. Seeing of how happy and brightly they are living, I understood that things in my life have to change a bit. As I saw difference between Latvia and Italy it actually made me think of my life in Latvia more. Any kind of difference is acceptable, if you understand it and do not try to deny it or replace with something else. We need to learn to accept things as they are and that is what I learned the most in this exchange. Definitely, this exchange has made my point of view wider.

Jēkabs Kārlis Rasnačs

English Summary:
In this journey, I got an experience from Italian culture and society, learned about the differences between Latvian and Italian culture. We saw important Italian places and buildings. During this Exchange program, I got a chance to strengthen my personality for and opinions, and also the Exchange was a chance to analyse my native society. The trip was also great for developing the ability to speak and listen in English and Italian. Overall, the journey developed my intercultural communication skills and my ability to be cultural in this communication.

Kitija Dzintra Rulle

English Summary:
Before exchange program I got to know myself better by filling out different carrier tests.
During the exchange program’s week, I gained new experience and impressions which strengthened my confidence and improved my English. Also I know that I can adapt to different situations. Of course now I have new great friends and a second family.
I found out that Italians have different eating habits than Latvians, for example, they prefer eating sweets for breakfast. Italians support their country; they choose to use local production. I got to know a lot about their cheese, meat, bread and other foods. In the North of Italy people are active, friendly, caring and supportive to each other; I believe that all Italians are like that.
It was interesting to learn that their lessons end at 13.00 and they go to school on Saturdays too.
Overall I had an amazing experience which will be useful for my future, because I gained knowledge about another culture and I developed my English skills.

Kristīne Tenisa

English Summary:
As a whole, exchange week was successful, and the aim – orientation to career – complited. I was an amazing experience to know more about Italien culture and during the project I was feeling very positive and glad. I think, we should make more activities about career, because we did’t do to much for this. I improved my English skills a lot and also created new frienships with Italien and German students. One of the most important inventions, which I discovered in Italy, was the fact that Spaghetti Bolognese do not exist, the dish is called ragu. I really enjoyed the food in Italy, it was bellisimo! I will definetely participate in other Erasmus projects and exchange programs, ecause the experience you can get from it is just unbelievable!

Rihards Mugurevičs

English Summary:
This trip was one enormous acquirement. Starting with language skills and lots of places what we visited. Every day was full of a lot of new adventures, which I will remember all my life. I learnt that Italians greet their visitors very kindly and it was really nice to be there. From this trip I gained very good experience, for example, how to better make contacts with people other countries, as well how to easier explain my opinion and speak more fluently in foreign languages, which was my aim for this project.